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TN - The Insanity of the SOR

The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By Freedom Lost:
I pled guilty to a charge of sexual battery in 2001. The "alleged" crime was against a women I lived with and had consensual sexual relations with. I pled guilty because of a little practice called prosecutorial blackmail. They used other charges with threat of maximum time to coerce a guilty plea. Nevertheless, that is not my story; In 2010 approaching the 10 year termination from the sex offender registry I contacted the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation requesting release from the registry. The first letter of response indicated all that was required was for me to go personally to a field office and submit fingerprints. I was incarcerated for unrelated charges and could not immediately comply. The following year pending my release I again wrote a letter requesting termination. I was informed that I would not be eligible for termination until April 20, 2020 more than 19 years after conviction. I have proof of registration and the State has stipulated in court documents that I was registered without violation in 2007 (ONLY BECAUSE I HAD A COMPUTER PRINTOUT FROM THE T.B.I. WEBSITE WITH MY PICTURE ON IT)

I began litigating this case pro-se in 2011 in Federal Court, that case is on hold pending state process. I filed a petition in State court in December 2013. I am still waiting for a decision. The states most recent position is that I was release without serving the one year sentence of my conviction. How could I be registered if I had never served the sentence? I now have an attorney and will continue to fight this case all the way back to Federal Court if necessary. If anyone has advice, resources, or input. Please post to this website. I have considered going to the media (20/20 or even Dr. Phil) This case needs media exposure so people will know the kinds of things the states are doing.

Thank you for you time and interest.

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