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AL - DA asks for emergency hearing in case of former officer (William Watson) charged with sex abuse

William Watson
William Watson
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LIMESTONE (WAFF) - The Limestone County District Attorney filed a motion for an emergency hearing in the case against a former police officer charged with sex crimes against several victims.

William Watson, a former officer with the Madison Police Department, is charged with multiple counts of sexual abuse against victims under the age of 12.

District Attorney Brian Jones said it concerns conditions surrounding the terms of Watson’s release on bond as he awaits trial.

The Limestone County Sheriff’s Office charged Watson with one count of sexual abuse in the Summer of 2012 while he was still with the Madison Police Department. He resigned, then in January 2013, more charges came down.

The motion filed by the DA asks the court for the emergency hearing as soon as possible. It says, based on new information, prosecutors believe it is necessary to add additional conditions to Watson’s release.

Watson is free on $300,000 bond. His trial is scheduled to start August 25.

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