Thứ Tư, 25 tháng 6, 2014

OR - I am ordained and sex offender

User story
The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By Rev. Raymond Eli:
I did six years in Oregon prison system and found God while I was there and the church that ordained me still allowed me to be ordained even after I told them what I did. Next year is my tenth year and I have chance to be removed from the list. I already have a lawyer ready to work with me and I want to tell my story. With my faith I found a way to build a program to help more like me get better. And I want to counsel those of whom could use my help. Because I know I can change these people from being bad to good once more. I did it and I know I can help others do it as well.

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