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MI - Buying Sex Could Land You 25 Years on the Sex Offender Registry

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Maybe we can then put all the politicians, celebrities and police officers on the online registry so they can see first hand what it's like?


A move is underway in the Michigan Legislature to crack down harder on those who hire prostitutes.

Supporters of the effort say too often, prostitutes are arrested and those who hire them are not.

The effort is part of a move to fight the growing problem of human trafficking in Michigan.

A key bill in the package defines soliciting for prostitution as a tier II registrable offense, which would put the offender's name on a registry for 25 years.

Other parts of the package include creation of a registration system for sex industry workers, to help prevent the movement of workers from strip clubs to prostitution.

Hearings began last week in Lansing in the Senate Families, Seniors and Human Services Committee. More will be scheduled in the future.

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