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Is there truth about Justice or is justice like our constitution

The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By James:
I have voiced my story about my sex offense on here in months past and consider you all good understanding people. While all our offenses may be different we are all under the sex registry.

My offense may seem to be the bottom of the list as compared to some on here but ever trail every person goes thru they learn something... This is an article I wrote and a part of my true story, but at the same time its also an article about truth and justice.

I hope you all read this as I am gonna try to get it published in the newspaper or get a friend to do this for me..... it is time to let the public know that sex offenders are all not what Government portrays us as:

Is there truth about Justice or is justice like our constitution a thing of the past.

Can people get justice today with a watered down plea deal?

While plea deals are generic today do they really get at justice or are they just one sided in favor of the state? The answer to this question would be the latter, they are one sided affairs and the truth is only half truth so when one is taking the oath to tell the truth what God are they swearing to, the God of Man or the God of Creation.

While plea bargains or plea deals are a mean's to spare the justice system time and speed up and reduce caseloads in hearing one's case, it does not do justice for the person that is falsely accused in serious matters. State's evidence is one thing but blind justice is another.

There are two sides to every coin and two sides to every event and circumstance surrounding a criminal case.

Take for instance a simple internet sex sting operation thats done thru the computer in the efforts to ensnare "would be predators" that pray on children.

While internet chatting has been a social experience since its acceptance back in the 80's there are a lot of men and women that go to adult chat rooms to relax, unwind, have a spicy or romantic chat, make new friends, etc , but there is a dark side to the internet that some take advantage of for their material gain.

The old addage of children should be seen and not heard has taken on a new meaning with the use of the internet. Yes, there are teen chat rooms, kids chat rooms , and at the same time their are adult chatrooms all in their respective order.

There are even safety rules in place on adult chatrooms, one site I know of has guidelines that one has to be 18 to be on its site and its even states that in their rules and sign up procedures. Yes, it is a safety rule as kids have no business on adult chat site's.

Now enter the police officer on an adult chat site's possing as teenager and using everything in their book of tricks to get an adult to chat with them.

The first question that comes to mind is what is a kid doing in an adult chat room? And when asked why they can't find someone there own age to chat with will use a ruse and lie to get one to talk to them, some people will feel sorry for them and get caught up in this game that they play. A lot of adults are dupable believe it or not.

Now common sense would be that the adult was actually looking for an adult to chat with that is why they were in an an adult chat room to start with.

So the other obvious question would be: why is this kid on here soliciting or looking to chat in an adult chatroom?

Why isn't the teenager in a teenage chat room where they should be?

You know. as I said, people can be dupable and one has to question others on the internet especially when a teenager is in an adult chat room which is totally out of character to start with.

Now adult's go to adult chat sites to have adult fun to have conversations of an adult nature, to relax, and talk and meet others but when a person con's someone, when you ask why they cannot find some there own age to talk to and makes up stories and lies' for their own gain than its a different story and yes people are guliable.

Yes I am talking about the police that are suppose to protect and serve but are creating situations to entrap otherwise law abiding citizens. In other words their breaking the law to enforce the law, there creating a situation by duping others in there game of cat and mouse.

With today's schools that talk about social chatting on the internet and safety precausions that one has to use it would appear that kids would use common sense. Believe it or not in this day and age kids are smart about internet usage.

Now police do not use common sense but will ensnare someone because of his or her agenda to snag a "would be predator."

If someone uses a ruse to make you think there home alone and uses that again one would have to wonder about that and question that? Yes, that teenage person will wear one down and do everything to get them off guard to get them under their control. Even if one ask to back out they will still do their best to control you.

Now the main goal of all these operations is for the person to ask for sex from this so called teenage/cop teaser.

While we all make wrong judgements and even the court systems make wrong judgements, and yes court systems are human like everyone else or seem to be. They seem to have a higher God that protects them and I think that higher God is the supreme court, but they fail to understand human suffering, bibical teachings, and go against everything that the police code of ethic's stands for, or what real truth is all about. Going under cover is one thing but lying is another and lying has no place in the court room or law and order.

Now all this is covered up in the name of safety, which most modern day schools teach internet kid's safety at schools.

Since they have taken prayer out of schools, internet safety should be the biggy on the list.

Last but not least we all grow up and are taught not to tell a lie but when you become a police officer you have all authority to lie even God gives you authority to lie and bear false wittness or so it seems.

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