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FL - New bill could mean tougher penalties for teachers who have sex with students

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You do not need a law for this. If they have sex with someone who is underage, you have a law for that, if it's consensual, then the school board should deal with it! And what about politicians who have sex with interns (Mark Foley, Bill Clinton, etc)? Are you going to toughen the penalties for that as well? Politicians think they can just make a law and everything will go away, or they do it to help themselves look "tough" on crime while actually doing nothing.


ORLANDO - Channel 9 has covered many cases of local teachers accused of having sex with students. Now lawmakers in Tallahassee hope to cut down on the behavior by increasing the punishment teachers face.

If the punishments are increased, it would not affect teachers in central Florida who already have pending cases, Channel 9's Kathi Belich learned.

Rep. Jake Raburn said high school student in Hillsborough County asked him to propose tougher penalties because the problem was growing in their area.

_____ was a teacher at Eustis High School when she was accused of having a sexual relationship with not one but two students there.

_____ was convicted and sentenced to two years in prison, but she was released after serving a year and eight months. She also had to register as a sex offender.

A bill sponsored by Raburn would make sexual crimes involving educators and students more serious, with the maximum penalties increased.
- Why only stop at teachers?  What about politicians, police, day care workers, etc?

Parents of students at Eustis High School told Channel 9 they support the idea.

Last year, two local teachers were accused of having sexual relationships with students.

Jones High School teacher _____ faces 20 charges and former Lyman math teacher _____ is accused of having sex with two students.

House Bill 485 has passed through all the House committees and one Senate committee.

Raburn's office said there seems to be a lot of support but a vote has not been scheduled yet.

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