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IN - Indiana Law Gives Sex Offenders Freedom To Live Anywhere Three Days Each Month

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The very laws are what is creating this problem. Remove the residency laws and you won't have any more of this clustering and people can live where they want and find a job.


By Rachelle Spence

FORT WAYNE (21Alive) - Wednesday's near condemnation of the Hallmark Inn left many wondering where those on the Allen County Sex Offender Registry would relocate to.

The extended-stay motel is a common place for offenders to live, since it is a thousand feet from any school, daycare, or park.

According to the Allen County Sheriff's Department, there were eleven registered sex offenders living at the Hallmark Inn.

Although the owner of the property received an injunction in the case and some residents are still there for the time being, detectives say several of the registered offenders had already packed up and left.

The above maps (see video) show places where predators and offenders against children cannot live. When all of the images are laid on top of one another, it's easy to see offenders don't have much of a choice.

While many consider the 2006 "thousand-feet" law a safe measure, one Allen County Detective says it's a big negative for those neighborhoods outside of the colored areas.

"We've got a trailer court with a ton of offenders in it. Whereas, before it may have only had one or two. Before, the kids going back and forth to school, only had to worry about one sexual offender. Now, they have twenty. It becomes a virtual minefield the kids have to walk through," said Detective, Jeff Shimkus.
- Once again a police officer making it appear as if all sex offender are out preying on children when many didn't actually harm a child.

Shimkus also explains that offenders have a three night window every month that they can stay with friends or family, regardless of whether or not that home is near any of the prohibited areas.

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