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Guilty by deception

The following was sent to us via the "Tell Us Your Story" form and posted with the users permission.

By James:
This is my story that I sent to a pastor about my sex offense that I was caught up in. I hope it enlightens and helps others that .... nothing is impossible with God but with man it is impossible.

To error is human, to forgive is divine". You may be right but my honest intentions that night was to talk to an adult which I really shouldn't have been on an adult chat sight in the first place. Of course I had been on that site before but I happened to fall into this trap and I admit I was perplexed, and yes I did talk to this person and yes I did use a bit of spicy chatting with this person but I never mentioned about actually having sex.

I was tempted a bit and curious at the same time. I know we all learn lessons and I have only myself to blame. Although the person planted the thought and the enticement I should of been on guard. In fact the first night I went to bed but sent an e-mail to the person the next day that said have a nice day" Ron when I got home that evening and went to that sight that person clicks on my name and says "what did you mean by have a nice day" which was self explanatory. I never wanted to talk to her that night ........ but she uses the phrase that she used the night before such as I'm home alone again. well that got me more curious and I asked if she would like to meet me instead of me wanting to meet her.

I know what your going to say Bro Ron but it was my fault and when I started to go down there but I hesitated a bit before starting and half way down there I have a message on my cell phone and it was that person, the person actually talked on the phone instead of mumbling as before and wanted to know if I was coming, right then and there I wanted to back out but the person and I asked to but the person persuaded me anyway.

(Now the way I look at this is how the devil can control your thoughts and make you believe. just like in the garden of Eden to use an example and on the internet its pretty tempting and scary to say the least. I feel so ashamed.)

I still went and its all my fault but I learned a valued lesson. The interrogator didn't know what to charge me with since I didn't ask for any sex but had to charge me with something, so it was communication on an internet with a minor and attempted indecent liberties.

Your right I was tempted. Cor:10:13 helped me out a lot and after loosing my job I knew something wasn't right in my life so I said to myself I need to get back in church. Another good verse I like is thou your sins be as scarlet they will be as white as snow.: I think that's in Isaiah.

See brother Ron, I believe God fixes things with man if man will be guided by his teaching and his Holy Spirit. Now remember my name is James (: one of the sons of thunder and sometimes I can get Down in the valley and I also believe that this was a part of my life that tells me to come back to Jesus and get back into the word of the Lord. I might have mustard seed faith but God has helped me in many ways that I don't understand and that's because he loves us all.

Brother Ron, I go onto these advocate sites and its sad that the testimonies of some of those people are heart wrenching... Some want to kill themselves, to much pressure on them, all are in bondage even after there sentence most are in bondage for life. Some have no homes, can't go to church, be around family that have kids or even there own kids. So in essence their more in favor of the gay marriages rights than helping the sex offender. Bro Ron did you know there over 700,000 sex offenders in the US and they bunch them up all in the same category to the least to the worst. Even for public urination one can be on the sex registry.

So what's this Government coming to when they praise the creature more than the creator.

Bottom line is the Government is playing the devil because the devil is a deceiver and liar of many and if the Government deceives like this just think what else they would make one believe.

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