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Woody Allen - Innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent!

Woody Allen
Woody Allen
Where did we as a society go wrong?

Was it shows like Jerry Springer, Steve Wilkos, Nancy Grace (to name a few) that is causing our morals to decay? These shows exploit people for their own gain and don't solve anything. They only make themselves richer while society declines. They are distractions so we forget, or aren't aware of, the real problems in this world.

Why are we so quick to condemn someone these days?

What happened to the Golden Rule?

Remember, judge not lest ye be judged yourselves!

Remember back when you were growing up? Did you steal anything? Do drugs? Rob someone? Murder someone? Have sex with someone you shouldn't have? How would you like it if you could never live down your past and were always seen as that past? So why is it so easy for us to do it to others and not expect the same done to us?

Should we just skip all the nonsense and put everybody's past crimes on an online sinners registry? Wouldn't you like to know all the ex-criminals who live around you so that you can "protect" yourself from them? Or would that cause you to be paranoid, never to leave your home, or suspect everyone to be a criminal, or you yourself to be on an online registry?

Do you remember the McCarthyism era?

"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it!" - George Santayana

Are we repeating history? Yes we think we are!

In the good-ole-days we were all innocent until proven guilty in a court of law, now we are automatically guilty, by the mob, and must prove our innocence, which is almost impossible to do!

If someone accused you of a sexual crime 30 years ago, how would you prove you didn't do it? That is why we have statute of limitations law, and courts to prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, and based on evidence and facts, not hearsay, that we are indeed guilty or not.

People are wrongly accused of crimes, especially sexual crimes, all the time. Just think about it the next time you make your ex angry at you for some reason. All it would take is for them to accuse you of molesting a child or sexually abusing them, and your life is pretty much over, or your reputation is beyond repair!

Now, Woody Allen may be guilty, but we have laws and courts for a reason. If he did indeed sexually abuse his daughter, then he should've been punished for it then, not many years later. Why would the accuser take it public (all over the news) instead of filing a lawsuit?

When did we start throwing our morals out the door and ourselves over the cliff to hell?

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