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UK - Brother of Hull sex offender beaten after 'being mistaken for jailed paedophile'

Leigh Hemingway
Leigh Hemingway
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Once again and innocent person is attacked due to the online (hit-list) registry. This is exactly why the registry should be taken offline and used by police only.


The brother of a convicted serial sex offender claims he was beaten by four men in his own home after being mistaken for his jailed sibling.

Leigh Hemingway, 32, claims he was called a “paedophile” and beaten over the head with a guitar and punched by four men who had burst into his flat unannounced.

His brother is currently serving four years behind bars for filming up a schoolgirl’s skirt in 2012 after a string of other sex-related offences, including exposing himself to a nine-year-old girl at a city leisure centre in 2007.

Mr Hemingway said: “I just feel like I am being tarred with the same brush as him.”

I have no convictions for anything like that but just because I have a Hemingway name, I am living in fear.”

On Friday, Mr Hemingway was about to leave his flat when he claims four men burst into his flat unannounced and refused to leave despite his pleas.

Then, they allegedly said: “Aren’t you that paedophile?” before smashing a guitar over his head and repeatedly punching him in the face. His mobile phone and £20 were also stolen.

Mr Hemingway, who had lived at the hostel for a year after months of living on the street following arguments with his parents, said: “You expect something like that from a horror movie but it was really happening. I have had nightmares ever since.”

There was blood all over the room, the living room and the kitchen. It was like a murder scene.”

My head just went black and felt dead inside. One minute I was watching Father Ted, the next I was being smacked.”

Mr Hemingway was knocked unconscious and taken to Hull Royal Infirmary, where his head was stitched up.

He is likely to be scarred for life.

The police were called and he told them of his ordeal.

Police have arrested and charged a man in connection to the incident.

He has appeared at Hull Magistrates’ Court charged with grievous bodily harm with intent, affray and theft.

Now, Mr Hemingway is too scared to return to the hostel for fear of being attacked again.

He has also been branded a grass by friends of the men because he went to the police.

He said: “I have been called a paedophile before and I have brayed people for saying it.”

I feel like I am a vulnerable person just because of who my brother is and now, I am even more vulnerable.”

I just want some help.”

Since _____ was convicted, Leigh has had nothing to do with his brother.

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