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OR - Sex offender registry to see changes

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By Chris Holmstrom

PORTLAND (KOIN) - When a convicted sex offender is ready for parole, the state makes a risk assessment to determine if he’s likely to once again commit a sexual crime.

_____, who served his sentence for sexually abusing four children at a 24-Hour Fitness in Hillsboro, was released from parole and is unsupervised because officials determined he was not a predatory risk.

The father of one of his victim’s — who became an advocate for sexual abuse victims in 2005 — is not happy.

He’s not going to be watched, he’s not going to be supervised,” the father said. “The community does not need to be notified because he’s not rated as a predator, which I believe is false.”

Certain sex offenders are rated as predatory or non-predatory,” he said. “I’d love to see and have that become a much stricter ratings assessment.”

Changes are coming to the way Oregon classifies sex offenders.

Last summer, Oregon lawmakers passed a bill that mandates all sex offenders be classified by their risk level in society. It also establishes rules for community notification. Now, only the predatory offenders are on the state’s public sex offender website.

Starting on December 1, 2016 the state will be on a three-tier sex offender registry, similar to Washington.

All sex offenders will be given a risk assessment, which will rate whether they are level 1, 2 or 3. Currently, the state only publishes public information for offenders that are considered predatory — only about 2.5% of them.

The new law will put the more at-risk offenders on the public site, but not the low level ones. It will even give people on level 1 and 2 a chance to be reclassified and possibly off the list completely.

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