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NY - Two firms bid on Nassau sex offender monitoring contract

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Why are they even considering to allow biased "non-profit" organizations to monitor ex-offenders in the first place? This is a job for the police not someone else. Its well known that Laura Ahern of Parents for Megan's law has stooped to vigilante action before.


By Robert Brodsky

Two Long Island nonprofit groups have bid on a proposed contract to intensify Nassau County’s monitoring of registered sex offenders.

Parents for Megan’s Law, a Stony Brook firm which conducts a similar monitoring program for Suffolk County, and Safe Center Long Island of Bethpage each placed bids on a request for proposals issued by the county before Wednesday’s deadline.

The Safe Center and its sister organizations have several existing contracts with Nassau to assist victims of domestic violence and child abuse.

Nassau spokesman Brian Nevin declined to identify the two bidders, although both firms have independently confirmed that they placed bids on the RFP.

Nassau wants to hire a private consultant to monitor its more than 550 registered sex offenders, including tracking their posts on social media and creating a smartphone app the public can use to report potential violations.

The vendor would also step up enforcement of requirements that convicted sex offenders accurately register their current address with the state.

While the cost of Nassau's proposed three-year contract is unclear, Suffolk -- which monitors more than 1,000 convicted sex offenders -- has a three-year, $2.7 million contract with Parents for Megan's Law.

The county is expected to select a winner in early March.

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