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KY - Governor Introduces Legislation For Adult Abuse Registry

Gov. Steve Beshear
Gov. Steve Beshear
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Thousands of disabled and elderly patients are abused every year and many of them don't have a voice.

A push for change in Kentucky brings new legislation introduced by Gov. Steve Beshear aimed at protecting them.

Previous cases will not be added to the list but the legislation is a personal victory for Crystal Johnston.

Johnston, whose disabled son is now 23 years old, was abused when he was 18. She said she didn't think this day would come.

"He appropriated money last year and we couldn't get legislation passed," Johnston said. "We thought we lost the opportunity so we were really thrilled the money was still there and we could get this legislation."

Similar to a sex offender registry, the adult abuse registry will be an online tool for licensed providers and anyone seeking care for loves ones.
- When are we going to stop cherry-picking who goes on an online shaming list and put all ex-felons online?  If it's okay for one group then it should be done across the board so we know all the criminals living around us.

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