Chủ Nhật, 16 tháng 2, 2014

Everyone to be Stigmatized

The following was sent to us via the TELL US YOUR STORY form and posted with the users permission.

By Vance:
At the dawn of the hysteria 24 years ago, I noticed the obsessive practice of media creating "victims" with competing grudges. If you feel offended you may claim victim status, and turn the tables by having them put on a list. Nobody can prove you are not victimized out of fear, or concern for "the children", but many lists are being developed to protect us from danger. Will you be on one of those lists? I was due to be married BEFORE the hysteria hit, but AFTER the "victim" came of age. Just 5 weeks prior I was arrested for a love letter she wrote but misplaced at school. The social outlook in 1990 did not YET label me as being a horrible monster. In fact there was some tolerance for "Romeo & Juliet" type relationships. Stories abounded of judges dismissing cases when marriages were already planned. The change in zeitgeist came from above. Today you could be arrested on abuse charges if you allow your daughter to be "legally" married at age 16. YES, I committed a crime, and STANDARDS MUST BE UPHELD. But what are todays standards? They are not the same as 24 years ago, but as a "sex offender" you will be ostracized as though they were. Get your torches and pitchforks ready for Romeos' and "mashers" of 70 years ago! Those in senior centers and retirement homes MUST be held to account for acts of the distant past by applying our lofty standards of today. New lists are being created to keep the vigilantes happy. Lists of "potential" terrorists, abusers of all types, gun owners, protesters, etc., but will we be safer with YOU on a list of the potentially bad people?

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