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CA - Living with 290: Traveling to Cabo San Lucas - Denied entry into Mexico

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My boyfriend and I traveled to Cabo San Lucas as we do every year. After several scans of our passports at US airport we board the plane. He’s is a RSO from 20 years ago which was a *** deal to begin with!! We land in Baja head to Mexican customs we are pulled out of line taken into this little room where they proceed to tell him he is not allowed in the country... They fill out all forms escort us with 5 armed guards back to the same airplane we just arrived on and sent us back to USA.. What the hell is going on? When we arrive to US customs they say have a nice day and they have heard of this happening more and more?? What a way to ruin a 10 day vacation!!!

Got off plane and flew to Hawaii for the week would rather spend my money in the USA anyway!!! As far as I am concerned its over priced there anyway Americans are not safe and they can make rules up as they go!!! Take Mexico and shove it where the sun don’t shine...

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