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CA - In Crisis - Concern Continues At Coalinga, Metropolitan & Stockton Facilities

Coalinga State Hospital News
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Problems at California's state-run facilities climb, despite the much-anticipated new Stockton Prison that accepted its first inmates last July. In six short months, the complex became home to nearly 1,300 men with various medical concerns. The Stockton facility was developed to reduce prison crowding elsewhere and bring inmate medical care up to constitutional standards. It was opened as a result of lawsuits that showed neglectful health care under CDCR. Prison medical operations have since been managed by Receiver J. Clark Kelso. Kelso hoped Stockton would be the CDCR's first step toward a permanent solution to its unconstitutionally dangerous health conditions statewide. CDCR was confident in the Stockton project, they've tried to persuade courts to return control of the prison system to them since January 2013. However, their confidence was premature. Due to numerous health & safety issues, Stockton halted admissions as of last week. Inmates' lawyers inspected the sprawling facility after learning of a patient death January 8th. The man bled to death in his bed while calling repeatedly for help. Some of the more serious issues include: - a scabies outbreak -men w/ the wrong sized catheters lying in their own feces all night - broken wheelchairs - injured inmates assisting the more infirmed w/transport throughout buildings - lack of clean towels forcing men to dry themselves with dirty linens - serious staff shortages preventing bathroom breaks. The concerns at Stockton are sadly not unlike those at Coalinga State Hospital since 2005. However, conditions have worsened for CSH residents. They're increasingly fearful as staff members continue to exercise their authority using unnecessary force. Patient abuse is becoming routine and stress levels are high for all men residing at the facility. The crisis continues...

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